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Berend asked 9 months ago

Hi David ,I hope you are well. I have a strategy that I would appreciate you having a look at. It uses two indicators. Super trend on the 12 hour, Only take long/ shorts after buy/sell signals for trend direction and then for entries I use the Cluster Algorithm 2 (Clone) for entries on the 4 hour timeframe. Enter Long when the Indicator is in the "green zone" and turning from red to green, and exit when its in the red zone turning red from green and vice versa. I have added a link to the chart with a few examples. I used a 5% stop loss but that is not optimal, I also tested it with normal candles so the bots can execute it easily. Here is the link to my tv chart . I have used the Alpha Trend indicator for more accurate signals but it a subscription based indicator. It would be great to see this turn into an actual strategy, think it has some potential. Please let me know your feedback.

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