Very urgently !!! Magic Pullback [email protected] in Tradingview

Community / Features & BugsCategory: QuestionsVery urgently !!! Magic Pullback [email protected] in Tradingview
Manuel asked 9 months ago


i need very urgently the Magic Pullback 1.2.6 @DaviddTech in my Tradingview Invite only Scripts and not the Magic Pullback v2.

All my very succesful settings was on the Magic Pullback 1.2.6 @DaviddTech with over 91% Win Rate and 1.300% Performance win in the last 16 months. Please can you add it again to your new website quickly, that i can add the strategy Magic Pullback 1.2.6 to my Tradingview Account.

Thank you very much for a quickly response


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