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Hey everyone, this is a recording of the discord chat about
DaviddTech Algo Trading Strategy – Updates

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What is Scalping ?
The term scalping is a financial trading strategy that combines buying and selling on the same day. This type of trading is used on both short and long sides. It is also used in range-bound trading. Scalping strategies often involve using technical indicators and traditional chart formations. They also involve the practice of “market-making,” which involves posting a bid and an offer at the same time. This type of trading strategy works best with immobile stocks.

Successful scalpers analyze price movements and trends in order to anticipate future price movements. They use moving averages to identify support and resistance levels. They then look for trade entry setups near those resistance levels. The key to scalping is speed. The faster you can trade, the higher the profit potential. If you want to make money scalping, learn to read short-term charts thoroughly and analyze them. It is important to remember that all trades are a mix of winners and losers.

Technical analysis is one of the most important tools in scalping. Technical analysis uses price patterns and trends to determine entry and exit points. Candlestick patterns are considered leading indicators in trading and can indicate upcoming trends. They are useful for identifying short-term opportunities, especially if they’re accompanied by other indicators. In the forex market, technical analysis is used extensively for scalp trading. For example, a scalper will use a moving average ribbon entry strategy. A scalper will also use a relative strength/weakness exit strategy, which uses technical indicators to trade in a trend.

DISCLAIMER (read it please): Leverage trading is ONLY for EXPERIENCED TRADERS. If you Trade with a BOT from 3Commas on Bybit it does NOT mean you have no risk. You can still lose money if the Bot suddenly gets unprofitable.

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