Ultimate ABC Indicator by @DaviddTech

This is the indicator version of my Ultimate ABC strategy we are looking for HH & LL to create an ABC pattern.

Shorts are defined by an ABC pattern.

* Starting with a low to a Higher High
* Breaking that trend to a new low
* Creating a new Higher High (FOMO HH)
* If the price breaks below the previous HH we have our entry.



* Starting with a Hight to a Lower Low
* Breaking that trend to a new high
* Creating a new Lower Low (FOMO LL)
* If the price breaks above the previous LL we have our entry.

Stop loss just above or below the FOMO LL/HH.
Take Profit using a Fib or Risk to Reward.

Additional features :
* Add divergences for confluence MACD / RSI
* Auto Fib levels for taking profit.

– For purpose educate only – My mission is to debunk fake strategies with code to find THE ONE.
– Plots EMAs and other values on chart.
– This script to change bars colors.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in the comments.Sep

22Release Notes: Added local support and resistance levels.Sep

22Release Notes: Added candlestick patterns.

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