Ultimate Indicator for Automated Bots

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Charles asked 6 months ago


Davidd has made a lot of great youtube videos going through different indicators and testing them. However, when I upload the default settings for each one, most of them are just average, and the results are not close to what shows in the google sheet of his tests. Thus, these indicators are not really worth trading on full bot automation through something like 3commas. Thus, I would like to request that Davidd optimize any of the indicators he has tested, and make the "ultimate indicator" that is essential a combination of his favorite indicators and that would be optimized 90% enough to use on BTC or ETH on full bot automation. I know that every coin is different and strategies and timeframes are different etc, but I have tested a lot of indicators, and some are good, some aren’t, but I am sure Davidd could make something that gets almost a 3x profit factor with 75%+ profitable. Then we can all use this indicator and setup the alerts so our bots execute.

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