Trailing TP alerts not working properly.

Community / Features & BugsCategory: BugsTrailing TP alerts not working properly.
Paper Account asked 9 months ago

There is an issue with the trailing TP/SL functions. I do have checked the entry/exit messages are set in correct placeholders. The supposedly "close position" alerts seem to trigger the entry position alert -at least when the "max intraday loss" exit is triggered.

Also the trailing function may generate false exit signals when the trailing is active. There was 3-4 hour period when every 15min candle triggered a new "close position" signal even though the position was still active.

I was using the Bigger extender.

replied 9 months ago

Yes, I have the same issue with the “SSL…” strategy, rendering my configuration useless, currently

replied 8 months ago

Same – TP3 isn’t passing through

replied 6 months ago

I have tested several of the Daviddtech strategies and the Trailing TP/SL does not close the trade, the move to breakeven option doesn’t close the trade either, Endless Margin say the strategy is not sending the correct signal.

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