2 own strategys

Tjark Brauner asked 9 months ago

Hello Davidd,i am a big fan of your channel.

The Parrot, LuxAlog and TraderPro are of course also on my list.

I’ve tested hundreds of bots and lost a lot of money, but that’s OK.

I have now come up with two strategies and had them programmed professionally.I had these checked independently, there are no errors in them.I achieve outstanding profits with these own strategies and not only in the backtest.And here the question arises, how two strategies, which are not similar, work better right away than almost all I have ever tested.

There is no repainting or so.

I don’t want to attack your work and your skills, because that is outstanding.

But my question is, if you find a really good one, do you actually put it online or keep it to yourself like I would?

I would be very happy about a short exchange.

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