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kinglong kinglong asked 5 months ago

TakeAmountFULL# got a Bug in LONG alerts

it works fine in SHORT

in the example attached you will see the the massege i put was as follow

API Entery Long




test for LONG alert place holder

API Entery Short




test for SHORT alert place holder

what is the proplem with this bug you may ask and what will we gain from fixing it

i had 2 proplems from this bug with 2 dif bots : davidd-bot & Tradelab

in davidd-bot : it rendomly cancels orders becuase it’s trying to open bigger position than normal for example 25% + 25% + 100% = 150%

similar thing a slightly dif in tradelab : it opens more than i want lets say i want to long 0.004 BTC and i put in the strat i get 0.004 SL and 0.004 OpenLong but 0.006 TP

i have more photos for this from dif sources but i can only share 2

final not : this proplem will become more clear when the cycle change from a bear to bull market and we get more Longs so please fix it if you can before that


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kinglong kinglong answered 5 months ago

in included more photos sorry.


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