Squeeze Momentum – Squeeze in wrong places ?

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Michael asked 9 months ago

Have been doing some manual optimising on this strategy this afternoon and wanted to understand what was making the entries succeed or fail. So I thought I’d put the original squeeze momentum indicator beneath it on my charts – see attached pic.The strat is taking trades where there aren’t squeezes taking place (orange stars on the zero line) and missing what look to be good options as well.One of the things I’ve also found beneficial while testing this indicator is to have a ”duration of squeeze” option. Trades where there has been a squeeze for a larger number of bars, that are then followed by a histogram bar in the expected trade direction, seem to have a greater chance of success in my limited testing.

Also edited to add that while they look odd, 12, 1.95, 16, 1.4 are the settings I have in place on both indicators.


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