Keltner Channel + DMI + EMA Strategy @DaviddTech

This strategy is a long only strategy that evolves 3 main indicators.

It is optimised for ETH USDT and LONG ONLY

Long positions :
EMA 50 is above the EMA 400 to define our trend direction.
* Price breaks above the upper band of the the Keltner Channel.
* Confirmation is found with the DMI + being over the DMI –

Other indicators :

ADX set to above 20

The TP I put at 20% and I use Multiple TP levels.

If the price crosses and closes below the Keltner Channel lower band I close the trade.

– For purpose educate only – My mission is to debunk fake strategies with code to find THE ONE.
– Plots EMAs and other values on chart.
– This script to change bars colors.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in the comments.

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