SMC + ABC – Backtesting anomaly

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Michael asked 8 months ago

Was just running the SMC indicator over a variety of forex pairs and the result happened that’s in the image below. 6 trades, and the first one I zoomed in on was a losing rocket signal.

I had the indicator set on "Confirmed close LTF" and even though I was on the oanda EURGBP 8 hour chart I’d left that on 5 min LTF. But from my understanding the highest point that could trigger is once a candle has closed over the BOS line ? From there my TP was fixed at 0.45% (I’ve drawn 0.4% because it’s late and I wasn’t concentrating) and the trade never made it. But still the bottom of the chart says 100% winrate.

Obviously a new feature, and one we’re glad to have, but there seems to be something amiss.


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