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Angel asked 9 months ago

It would be great if we can boost collaboration in the community by having a way to share metrics on tested strategies with individual settings by different users. Searchable, so that we can find e.g. a pair that we need, see whose tried which strategies, pick the most successfull, test it and optimize it in real life and have the results posted so that other community members can build and improve on the settings. Eg. I\\’ve been testing many strategies alone, some i have abandoned even though they were profitable since i longer wanted to trade in the pair, but the information could be valuable to someone else and save them plenty of time optimizing their settings. Also the ability to comment / make suggestions / inputs, could revive abandoned settings that are profitable once more. The cherry on top would be to have a dynamic metric on which settings perform best on which pairs (based on the latest real life data). I understand its a stretch, but so far your work has made what i thought of as farfetched a year ago real today! If that would mean extra costs, tbh it would be worth it!

Staff replied 9 months ago

Great idea. It was kind of the idea of my but it never really took off.
I will try to find a more user-friendly version.

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