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kinglong asked 7 months ago

in Margin we have1st : Percent or portofolio% >>>> 2%2nd : Amount in USDT >>>> 20 USDT3rd : Strategy Based >>>> Strategy Based4th (what i request) : amount in coin : 0.2 BTC >>>and in place holder\\"qty_in_percentage\\": \\"0\\", >>>> Fixed Amount in Cryptoit\\’s already added to enless margin but it will be nice to see it also in davidd bot as i use 0.04 BTC to trade to take 3 take profits like or somthing like that 25% then 50% then 25% and this will not work with USDT or % or Strategy based and for that i can\\’t use daviddbot

replied 6 months ago

Yes please this is very useful to have.
There are two types of position size, position size in % ( “qty_in_percentage”: “1” ) and position size in usdt ( “qty_in_percentage”: “2&#8221 —- if there would be a third type like say ( “qty_in_percentage”: “3” ) that tells the exchange to buy/sell a fixed amount of a coin? Like 1 BTC, 0.1 BTC or 2 ETH etc etc

The problem this would solve is: Some small cap coins have a fixed max amount of that coin that can bought/sold in one transaction on the exchange.
Your bot would run into errors at some point
1. When the amount is set to a certain percentage (of the total balance you might into an error at some point when your balance has increased and that certain % of your balance now buys a number of coins that exceeds the max number of coins allowed in one transaction.
2. When you set the position size to 2 (in usdt) you might run into an error when the price of that coin decreases and the set USDT position would buy a too many number of coins that would exceed the max number of coins allowed in one transaction

So if there would be positions size type by coin you would set it to max number of coins that is allowed on the exchange and this would run without errors regardless of the accounts balance or the coins current price

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