EMA envelope crazy predictions by lazybear.

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Mason asked 1 month ago

i use this for scalping the 5 minute manualy already and it does not dissapoint.with your improvments im thinking you could get a bot on a 5 minute timeframe wiith 20+ trades a day and over 90% winratemanually im getting a 70% winrate with a 1-1.5 R;R but you can get much better results if you are riding above the envelope maintaining a green background colour.same goes for shorts.I dont believe this indicator in particular is hugely well known and does need some tweaking but it also works almost better you might say on the hourly time frame and you can get 15RR on some trades as long as the background stays green you stay in the trade or the other way around. you also want the envelope to be on a slight upwards angle atleast for longs and opposite for shorts.very simple self explanatory stat anyway. I just think you could do it better

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