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Ludo asked 8 months ago

I have been playing around with the settings and i found a weird maybe a bug ?If i decrease my stop loss it gives me a higher winrate % which in my mind would cause more stoplosses and less wins example :


replied 8 months ago

I also wanted to report this. experiencing the same thing.

replied 8 months ago

I find the backtester is not accurate at all

replied 7 months ago

The backtester wrecked me. I presumed it was accurate, but then watched trade after trade lose wondering why the results were so different from recent history. The backtest box did not then update to a lower WR which was confusing. I started manually scrolling back through and over the first 16 trades 14 had lost and yet the backtester was still reporting a 75% WR. I just checked this on other timeframes and see the same thing. On the 3m chart it reports a 60% WR and the last 17 trades were 15 losses and 2 wins.

replied 7 months ago

yeah agreed, the win rate is total garbage for fib sl/tp.. it seems better for % sl/tp

Staff replied 7 months ago

I have fixed this now as I have converted to a strategy

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