DaviddTech BOT (BETA)

Here you will be able to setup your bots to trade automatically. Connect signals from TradingView to your Trading ByBit Exchange
Soon: FTX, Binance

Getting Started

DaviddTech Bot a bot service that is free of charge as a community I am trying to support the development of this bot service. To do so I’m making the exchanges pay the bill.
To do so I need your help 😃.

Simply, click the link below to signup for a Bybit account and thanks to that Bybit will send me a % of the trading fees.

This money I will invest and donate to services like DaviddTech BOT and help to make the servers as FAST as possible. Supporting open-source projects is very important to me and I hope our community.

If you already have a Bybit account no problem just signup again and transfer you funds to this new account 😛
As always I really appreciate all your help and support

Signup for a ByBit account

The Bot

API Generator – Variable – DaviddTech Strategies

Values like coin pair name, stop loss, take profit, and multiple take profit are directly fetched from DaviddTech’s Tradingview indicator and can be dynamic. Please notice: this version of bot works only with DaviddTech’s line of indicators.

API Generator – Static – Non-DaviddTech Strategies

Values like coin pair name, stop loss, take profit, multiple take profit etc has to be set by the user and remains static. This bot can work with any of the Tradingview indicators which can trigger an alert for Buy & Sell.